Public projects

Sanz Medical Center

Containing the highly regarded Tessler School of Nursing on its campus, the Sanz Medical Center is considered to be one of Israel’s primary hospitals. The nursing school is a 150,000 sq. foot building consisting of lecture halls, labs, classrooms, dining rooms and dormitory facilities. Involved in the development of the Center from the outset, Royal Imperial Group played a significant part in obtaining funding for the Tessler School of Nursing.

Main University Building

Located in Bnai Braq, Israel, this 150,000 sq. foot complex contains dining room facilities, a dormitory and main library for a major institution in Israel. Our group developed the Main University Building using innovative substances and design patterns unique to Israel. With sound management techniques and quick decision making, our group constructed this attractive building in record time for Israel. With an aggressive development plan for the building, we successfully financed the project which included obtaining partial funding from the United States Government.